About Seb

I grew up along Sydney's Eastern Beaches, and often think it would be hard to live away from the ocean. Finding new ways to show the world my perspective on such an incredible place we live in is part of my passion for creating images that people love. Learning about photography came from a desire to document my holidays. I was curiously interested in the technical bits of taking a good photograph, and the creativity required to create a great photo – I quickly became obsessed!

Living beside the beach in Sydney makes it easy to come home from a holiday, and I’ve had many summer stay-cations. This prompted me to start experimenting with photography at home, and soon I was waking up at the crack of dawn to capture moments that I never knew I was missing out on. My friends ask me why I get up so early to take photos, and I try and explain how every sunrise is completely different. It is exciting to find out what will be there tomorrow, and I want to show the world the magic of the morning.

Of the entire photographic process, the most exciting for me is being able to share my images with the world. To bring a sunrise, a wave or some colour during your commute is amazing, and decorating a wall or desk with a piece of art is the greatest pleasure I get from my photography – please get in touch to find out how I can help bring the ocean to your walls!